Socks Medium Dog Toy - 3 Toys

Socks Medium Dog Toy - 3 Toys


That Sneaky Cat! Dog Toy

This leggy dude with high-tops 'n tubes will score big with your pup!

Floppy by design (very exciting if you're a dog), he's looking for a quick pick-up game. A slam dunk choice for durability. And a squeaker is just the thing to keep 'em playing. 

Inner Pack of three toys, same design. Individual unit cost: $7.49

  • 14.5"
  • SKU: SNE-SOC27 
  • Item Number: 00626 
  • UPC: 858377006268 
  • Suggested Retail Price: $14.99
  • Non-toxic printed poly, fiberfill, and a squeaker. 
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Larger Size Available for Bigger Dogs!

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