Humptee Trumptee Dog Toy - 3 Toys

Humptee Trumptee Dog Toy - 3 Toys


Humptee Trumptee wants a huge wall

Humptee Trumptee wants it so tall

Mexico’s President

and all of Don’s men

Cannot agree on

whose billions to spend!

Sure he sat on a wall and had a big fall, but there’s more to this story! Read the rest on our packaging. Our Humptee Trumptee toy features a Big Bold Squeaker and unstuffed Crackly Crunchy limbs for super fun playtime! Made with non-toxic printed poly canvas and plush.

Inner Pack of three toys, same design. Individual unit cost: $7.99

  • 12"

  • SKU: PPD-DON50

  • Item Number: 00652

  • UPC: 858377006527

  • Suggested Retail Price: $15.99

  • Non-toxic printed cotton/poly canvas.

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