Boiling Broccoli Dog Toy - 3 Toys

Boiling Broccoli Dog Toy - 3 Toys


Steamed Vegetables for Dogs

Our Provoked Produce have their panties all in a bunch and are ready for some smokin'-fun times. Playing with your food was never better! ...Come and get it!

Our belligerent broccoli is impossible to resist AND your pup will get the recommended daily allowance with this mean and green hot-head. He's ready for a melt-down!

...You want cheese sauce with that?

Inner Pack of three toys, same design. Individual unit cost: $5.99

  • 8.5"

  • SKU: SVD-BRO20

  • Item Number: 00619

  • UPC: 858377006190

  • Suggested Retail Price: $11.99

  • Non-toxic plush with poly accents, fiberfill, and squeaker.

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