Bag O' Chippies Cat Toy - 3 Toys

Bag O' Chippies Cat Toy - 3 Toys


From Fluffy's Snack Bar:

A little something for everyone's playful palate. Our toys are the perfect nosh, even for the most persnickety critic. Cooked up with just the right balance of drool-inducing organic catnip and tail-twitching crunch, your cat will no doubt become a satisfied customer in short order. 

1 Inner Pack of three, same design. Individual unit cost: $2.49

  • 5"

  • SKU: SBC-BAG16

  • Item Number: 00615

  • UPC: 858377006152

  • Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

  • Non-toxic printed poly fabric with felt accents, fiberfill, and organic catnip.

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